Lone Alaskan Gypsy


The Publications of a Lone Alaskan Gypsy

I love writing;; it is truly one of my biggest passions. I currently have two books available for purchase; both of which are children's books. They are available on Amazon in paperback and eBook format. More of my writings will hopefully be shared soon, but as for now- feel free to enjoy the two stories available below.

A Tundra Tale

The Dancing Salmon: An Alaskan Folklore Tale of the Northern Lights

Inspired by Alaskan folklore, this fairytale story takes Olive, a twenty-year-old resident of a remote psychiatric hospital, on a journey into the tundra, where with the help of her arctic fox companion, a young Athabascan child, and an old trapper she will discover the secrets of the black wolf, the story of the land's ancestors, and the power of the northern lights that could unite them all.

The Dancing Salmon are magical creatures that help spread the joys of the aurora across the north. When Ihana discovers the pond that the dancing salmon call home, she also meets their caretaker- Flynt. But Flynt looks so thin, and so hungry, and Ihana doesn't understand why he won't just eat the dancing salmon that live in the pond beside his cabin. With a little push from Flynt, Ihana embarks on an adventure to discover the purpose of the dancing salmon, and why Flynt could never feast upon one.