Lone Alaskan Gypsy


Ah, so you've come here for a runes reading, have you?

Runes readings by the Lone Alaskan Gypsy do not cost anything.  I offer my readings entirely for free. You can often find my tent set up at many markets, fairs, and festivals across the state of Alaska. Within the tent I sell my crafts and have seats and a table ready for anyone who would like to sit and have their fortune told. I offer two kinds of fortunes:

Basic Fortune
With the basic fortune I will read your runes in a way that tell you your immediate future (your future over the next month).

Answering Of A Question
When you choose to have the runes answer your question you can ask the runes absolutely any question (all questions are welcome- but 'yes or no' questions typically do not receive a simple 'yes or no' answer).

About My Runes

My Alaskan runes are a set of 24 small wooden circles with pictures etched on one side. Each picture represents an Alaskan object. The pictures range from arctic fox to northern lights to fireweed flowers to salmon. Each object means a different thing, and when put together with two other object- they can foretell a future or answer a question. Each runes reading is different, no two will ever be the same and each one is entirely personalized to the person who picked them out.

Do I personally believe my runes have magical powers? Yes, but these runes are meant for entertainment purposes only. I am not going to falsely advertise that they hold some kind of spiritual ability; they don't. I enjoy reading them and they have often proven true for me- but it's all in the eye of the person who interprets them. Take their answers lightly. They are not meant to be taken with great influence, they are merely read for the purpose of light-hearted entertainment.

My Coin Jar

If you can spare a penny or two, please drop it into the coin jar to the left (the big yellow 'Donate' button). Donations help me keep this site alive and well and allow me to continue offering free runes readings throughout Alaska and online. Thank you so much for your support and keeping the mystique, allure, and attraction of the 'Lone Alaskan Gypsy' alive.